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CUSTOM SKIMMING DEVICES - ATMinvaders - 05-11-2022

Hello, we are manufacturing custom skimming devices mainly for ATMs of brands NCR, Diebold or Wincor both dip and deep insert (our deals include pinpad overlay too, can be changed for hidden camera if needed.)
we can make skimmers for nearly any other atm too.

We can also make overlay skimmers for pos terminals, aswell as insert skimmer + pinpad overlays for for example gas pumps.

We have offline pos skimming software for verifone pos available for cooporation too.

Send me a dm on telegram if this sounds interesting to you, feel free to ask
too - telegram: @ atminvadersales (this is the only place we deal with sales, if you see other telegram accounts are claiming to be us please let us know)

Videos and photos can be seen on our telegram
channel - telegram: @ atminvaders

*admins if i broke any rules with this tread please let me know*

RE: CUSTOM SKIMMING DEVICES - ATMinvaders - 06-21-2022

Routex fuel cards hitting big in EU. searching for cooporaters to put skimmers up at any routex supported gas pump in EU.
these cards have upto 80k credit/month and are chipless so every card will work when cloned no fallback or anything needed.

In this picture you can see which countrys routex card works in + which kind of gas stations rotex is supported.

Deal for either insert skimmer or overlay (depending on cardreader model) + pinpad overlay for gas pumps, cooporation (dumps shared 50/50)

Price : 500$

dm on telegram @atminvadersales if interested.